The Leal Funeral Home was established in 2010 with one mission in our hearts and that’s to serve , honor, and capture. The mindset we ask and push for here at Leal Funeral homes from our directors is servanthood how can we better serve you? By meeting your family’s needs at a moment that is so vital in each and everyone’s life. We know that losing a loved one is never easy, but to be served in that moment of loss when the rest of the world is continuously revolving can be that extra help you need to push through the trial that you maybe facing. We honor our beloved who go before us from their actions in teaching, guiding, and loving us. Every detail in honoring is important from color and style of casket all the way to the times of service.

And we capture, capture the moment we allow families and allow them to be much apart of the process. Yes we help lighten the load so that Family can sit back and capture this moment it will replay in our minds for many years allow us to make it memorable. The Leal Family is determined in serving you from one family to another.