Cody Joseph Bernard

Cody Joseph Bernard, 35, lost his life unexpectedly at his home in Richmond, Texas, on July 21, 2023. Cody was born in Houston, Texas, on July 15, 1988, to the late Paul N. and the late Robin L. (Cline) Bernard.
Cody and his younger brother Blake were raised by their parents and their loving grandmother, Glenda Cline. Cody was involved in the Boy Scouts and enjoyed camping trips, often with his father Paul and brother Blake in tow. Cody went to Westside High School where he met his wife Misty Quintanilla. They had a daughter in 2007, Megan Lynn Bernard, and although the young marriage did not last, Cody raised Megan admirably and conscientiously as a single father.
Cody loved nothing more than spending time with his daughter. They enjoyed traveling, visiting with friends and family, and going out for a hearty breakfast at Dennis’. They also enjoyed father/daughter time getting pedicures at their local nail salon.
Cody obtained his Associate’s degree from Penn Foster University, and was proud of building a career with AT&T in billing operations for more than 10 years. Most recently, Cody worked as a process server, private detective, and handyman. He could fix almost anything in houses, buildings, and automobiles, including plumbing, electrical, and mechanical jobs. He enjoyed helping friends with projects on their homes and cars.
Cody’s death is a tremendous loss to Megan, Blake, and his many friends and extended family. He was a force to be reckoned with and we are shocked and grieved at his sudden passing. Cody enjoyed a deep and personal relationship with God, and was well known at the Second Baptist Church and Lakewood Church, where he went on trips with the  Olsteens. We will miss his energy, his love, and his compassion for others. RIP dear Cody.
Private visitation for family members only will be held at Leal Funeral Home…. at 3:00 PM on Friday, August 4th. A funeral service will be held from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturday, August 5th.

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  1. JoCarol Woodburn

    Dear Cody, I said this on my Facebook post and I’ll say it here. You were a real live wire growing up and a “little genius” in many ways. You had non-stop energy like your grandmother Glenda Cline and you were always fun and welcome in our home.
    I taught you how to swim and you would sink like a rock until you learned to dog paddle. I sat with you and held your hand at your mother’s funeral when you were 12 years old.
    It was rough over the past year and I know the physical ailments were taking a toll. It’s just too bad because you had so much to offer and your passing leaves a big hole for many of us. I will help watch over your Megan. She is a joy and becoming a wonderful young lady. You did a wonderful job bringing her up. Please keep eye out us. We love you and will miss you forever.

  2. Hey Cody.Its me Dorian AKA Jackie Chan*Cody nickname for me*. It has been a couple of rough days since I heard what happened. I want to deeply thank you for all the memories we have made since high school till now.We been through so much and you showed me so much as well. Such as kindness, joy,love,and brother hood to the people we hung out with and also the ones we brought to the gatherings to enjoy each others company. I got so much to say but I want to keep it short and sweet..I will definitely miss you like a bestfriend/brother. You always have a golden heart and thats what I always admire about you..I know you miss Paul and importanly your mom Mrs.Benard. I am happy that in the end..You have found your peace and become reunited with them again.Love you Cody.I miss you deeply 💚🖤🩶

  3. Mia $ Patricia

    I will never understand why you did this but we will miss your laughter and your smile and you helping us when we needed help and anyone who needed your help at anytime you were there no matter how late we will love you prayers from the Murillo family and the Garza family and this is not a good bye this is a see you soon you where like a dad I never had a best friend to my mom a son to my grandma and a brother to my aunt and uncles Magen will be a wonderful sister to me and we promise to care for her like you did to her and we love you we send you light and positivity to go to heaven. ❤️

  4. Cody, you will be greatly missed 😞I have known you since you were a young teen and was at my house a lot, and you were best friends with my son Justin. I will never forget you and your family. You had helped us and was at our side for years. You had a huge heart and u definitely loved to talk ❤️I am saddened by this great loss. I know several months ago when you were at my house we spoke alot of your beautiful daughter. I know you loved her alot. You wanted what was best for everyone. Well my friend as a believer we don’t say good bye- we say see you later. Til we
    Meet again❤️love always Dawn ❤️

  5. I will always remember the great times we had. The crawfish boil, partying, karaoke going to events and having lots of fun. You had always been a good friend. You will be forever miss.

  6. Rita N. Dewars

    I still can’t believe this is really real. But I will always remember the good times we had, I hate we didn’t make more memories, but I will Cherish all the memories we did. Since high school a force to be reckon with and many good times with a lot of laughter. 💕You will never be forgotten you were loved and will always be loved I will miss you terribly and you will always be in my thoughts.

  7. Stephanie trotter

    Dear Cody I’m sorry I didn’t know right away I knew I got the news on Thanksgiving about what happened to you my first thought is why did you do it then the rest of the day I thought other times that we had at Westside High School the picture that I still have of you angel Justin and me I still have that picture in this Berry’s class I know that markeet and Ronald and ashleigh they miss you and you’ll always be our friend

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