Cynthia Frances Wilhold


Cynthia (Cindy) Wilhold was born in Houston, Texas September 28th
, 1951. She was Baptized into The Holy Catholic Faith as an infant. She attended  St. Rose of Lima Elementary School in the Heights where she made her 1st Communion and 1st Reconciliation . She made her Catholic Confirmation while attending Waltrip High School, which she graduated from. Cindy worked as an Insurance Agent for 40 plus years at various agencies starting at Katy Insurance, and later on running her own very successful agency Tri-County Insurance, which she worked for many years. She then sold Tri-County to a Farmers Agent and worked there for Numerous Years, which was the last insurance job she worked, working numerous hours from her sick bed during elevated illness, nauseated

and semi-comatose, until she was too sick to work any longer.


Cindy married the heart-felt love of her life, her self-proclaimed Soul-Mate Joseph  Anthony Wilhold December 3rd 1988. Together from then on they raised her son Kevin and daughter Kim from a previous marriage. Joseph’s son Joseph Eric would also visit occasionally from Maryland and was a welcome addition to the family. Cindy was the Spark of our family, she gave of herself whole heartedly, unselfishly, and her love was unending. Cindy and her Mother both were huge Astros baseball fans  and loved going to the games.


In her younger days. Cindy was an Avid Bowler. As a child she studied dance alongside Patrick Swayze at his mother Patsy’s Dance Studio. There is a Photograph that frequently pops up on TV of Cindy and Patrick beside one another dressed in Dance Attire during Dance Class. In addition to Artful Dance, Cindy Loved Club Dancing of all styles and genres from Motown, to Disco, to Two-Step. Irregardless of Joseph her

husband having 2 Left Feet,, after he took many ongoing Dance Lessons. She would always laugh saying “That’s Why He Belongs On Stage

Singing and Entertaining!”  


In the Late 80s – 2001 and while Cindy

Ran her Insurance Agency, Cindy Toured with Joseph and his World Renowned Elvis Tribute  Show from its humble beginnings in Texas. Cindy Was Joseph’s Manager, Associate Booker, Confidant, Trusted Adviser, and Sound Board Mixer. She Was Great Mixing Sound Until the Band Got Way Too Big!!! It had a Rhythm Section and Horn Section called The Joseph Anthony Orchestra. Opening Acts were Chief Savea’s Authentic Polynesian Review, and ELVIS’  Concert & Recording Group J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet.. Although Cindy Loved Every


Minute of it, She Would tell people how overwhelming it was Coordinating 22-29  Airline Tickets and Hotel Rooms, by herself or even with the help of the Travel Agent. Cindy Loved Touring in the Summer as a Family, when the Kids Were Out of School, and She Loved Traveling to the Numerous Prestigious Venues and Casinos across the USA and Europe. Cindy herself was a great vocalist and also loved  singing Karaoke until she became bedridden.


Prior to Cindy’s Illness she was a living example of Loving Christian

Charity. She took care of Joseph’s mother in their home until she passed away. Cindy and her mother both took great Care of her father with

Dementia at home until he Passed Away, and Cindy lovingly cared for her mother at home until she passed away. July 16th 2019 was the Beginning of The End for Cindy. She had a Roux-N-Y Gastric  Bypass designed to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease. Dr. Francisco Medrano her Primary Physician said he had seen it happen twice in 20 years, the 100lb Rapid Weight and Fat Loss

Over-Taxed the liver and Cindy got Full Blown Non-Alcoholic Cirrhosis in

8 months! In December 2020 although bedridden and extremely difficult, Cindy was so proud to walk down the Aisle escorted by her brother Steve to Renew Her Wedding Vows with Joseph. It was such an emotional and uplifting day of the celebration of their 34 Years together.


Toward the end of Cindy’s life, she and Joseph still laughed, and  joked,   and completely loved their life together. Cindy, though bedridden, would burst with pride, joy, and laughter, each time 3 year old grandson Jackson, came into the room. They would Joke together, and she would read children’s books to him daily. Jackson would binge watch Cindy’s favorite TV show, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, with his “Mimi”! Every day, during Cindy’s numerous Hospital stays, Jackson would look in the door at the empty hospital bed saying “when’s Mimi coming home”? “I want Mimi”! They were inseparable pals…


March 14th 2023 Cindy went home to the Lord after 2 1/2 months in a coma. She is survived by her husband Joseph Anthony Wilhold., Brother-In-Law JR Wilhold, his Wife Stacy, son Christian, Sister-In-Law Sherrie Gail

Wilhold, son Josh, Brothers Johnie Maida and his wife Lynn, children John D and David Maida, Frank Michael Maida his wife Marilyn, children Dina, Tiffany, Monica, April, Christy, grandkids Little Ted, Cody, Krystal, Taylor, JT, Stephen Maida his wife  Mona, children Vanessa, Erika, Steven,

grandkids Matthew Chilcutt, Sean Crigger, Fabian Rangel, Ryder Maida, Autumn Johnson, great grandson Sonny Chilcutt, Grandson Jackson, and parents Kevin  Michael Estrada and his wife Haley, Noah, Mason, Bella, River, Hinton and their parents Joe and Miki,,   Kinley and Kaden Bertrand and parents Paul and Kim, Melanie, Cyril and Ashley Smith, and their parents Robert and Candace

  Cindy was a   shining beacon of pure light and love, she will be missed but never forgotten.


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