Susana Armendariz Villanueva

Susana Armendariz Villanueva

Wednesday July 12th, 2023
708 College Ave
South Houston Tx 77587
Wednesday July 12th, 2023
Meet at Houston Memorial Gardens
2426 Cullen Blvd
Pearland Tx 77581

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  1. Rick Villanueva

    Mom, you did it! As Jesus said, “…It is finished…”. Well done for both understanding your true citizenship and faithfully fulfilling your job here on earth. Congratulations for a life well served and enjoy the start of your eternal reward! Your persevering spirit will live on as our family continues to steward our own Godly purposes. You will be missed. But as you know for us Christ followers, this is not good-bye, just a see you later. Enjoy The Lord! Love you mom. ❤️

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