Yolanda Irma Dade

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we share the loss of our mother, Yolanda Irma Dade. She passed away peacefully on August 2, 2023. She was 82 years old. She leaves behind a legacy of love and cherished memories that will forever remain etched in our hearts.
Yolanda was born on 6/7/1941 to Evaristo and Manuela Gonzalez Pereda in Mexico City. She leaves behind three sisters and two brothers. She was married to Roy Dade and had two
daughters, Iliana and Eva. Sadly, she became a widow early in her marriage and raised her daughters by herself. She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at the age of 71. She experienced the transformation of God’s grace and love through her daughters. She was a woman with unique strength, compassion, and kindness, whose love knew no bounds. She was the greatest motivator for her two daughters and granddaughters. Her main passion was cooking. Those who knew her, know how she meticulously carried out every meal that she prepared. She had a gentle soul and was soft spoken never complained. She had a heart full of gratitude for life’s simple pleasures. She found great joy ni traveling and spending time with her friends and family in Mexico.
Yolanda is survived by her two daughters Eva Dade, Iliana Gonzales, son-in-law Robert Gonzales, and granddaughters Karina and Ivanna. A funeral service to honor her and celebration oflife will be held at Leal Funeral Home 11123 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77079 on Saturday, August 12th from 1:00pm-5:00pm. We welcome all those whose lives she has touched to join us in our final farewell to our beloved mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend. During this difficult time, we are grateful for your love, support, and prayers.

Leal Funeral Home

11123 Katy Freeway,

Houston,TX 7079

4 thoughts on “Yolanda Irma Dade”

  1. In loving memory of Yolanda, a woman who touched the lives of many with her sweet, funny, and kind-hearted nature. She brought joy and laughter wherever she went, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of those who had the pleasure of knowing her.

    One of the fondest memories we have of Yolanda is her sense of humor. She had a knack for lightening the mood in any room, turning even the gloomiest of days into moments filled with laughter. Her beautiful smile and quick wit brought comfort and happiness to those around her, making her a true ray of sunshine.

    But her sweetness extended far beyond humor. Yolanda had a remarkable capacity to care for others. Her kindness knew no bounds, as she consistently went out of her way to help those in need.

    Her nurturing nature shone through in the way she embraced her role as a mother. Yolanda loved her children unconditionally, providing them with endless love, and support. She was their pillar of strength, always there to offer a shoulder to lean on, lend an encouraging word, or share in their accomplishments.

    We will forever cherish the memories of Yolanda’s love and benevolence. Her absence leaves a void that cannot be filled, but her legacy of love and kindness will continue to inspire us all. As we say our final goodbyes, let us remember her with smiles and laughter, celebrating the beautiful person she was and the countless lives she touched.

    May her sweet and funny spirit live on in our hearts, reminding us to cherish those we love and to spread kindness wherever we go. Rest in eternal peace, dear Yolanda. We miss and love you!

    1. euamanuela dade

      Thank you Glenda my mom was very fond of you and loved you as her daughter as well I appreciate all that you have done throughout this whole time from being at the hospital to being my moral support you’re not just a friend you’re a sister to me thank you so much for all that you have done my God bless you

  2. I had the honor of meeting Ms. Yolanda Dade at Church.
    She would love to join us and fellowship with the Sisters. She loved the word of God, and prayer.

    I also had the blessing of meeting her 2 daughters and grandchildren. Yolanda had a very sweet spirit and smile.
    We truly enjoyed the many times we were able to see her. To her daughters , you are blessed to have a special woman such as Yolanda Dade to call her Mother.
    She is now in the presence of her Savior , Jesus’ . She has finished her course🙌🏼

    Yolanda Cruz

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